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So, last night after a sudden serendipity from scarlettina, I got to see Book-It Rep's production of "Frankenstein".

This was the third production of Frankenstein that I've seen in as many months. Well, experience. I saw the National Theatre's filmed production of it directed by Danny Boyle and starring Benedict Photopatch, then I read the book.

For those not familiar with Book-It Rep, they only do book adaptations and they try and make the adaptation as close to a reading of the book as possible. So this was actually quite a faithful adaptation as possible. Yes, there was some streamlining to the plot, but not enough to ruin the story or drift it too far from the plot (I'll only tell what if asked).

Book-It isn't exactly the richest theater, but they did really creative things with lighting and shadows, just using backlighting and curtains. I even liked the score. The Creature himself had sort an Aztec Zombie thing going on, with long glossy black hair and pale green contacts. Our view of Frankenstein is of course polluted by electricity (more so than in the source), which this production filled in with lit "Leiden Jars" (lightning undoubtedly being beyond their budget).

The actor (who of course scarlettina knew ) playing Victor Frankenstein looked like either Robert Downey Jr. or Orlando Bloom, but was very good as well. Clearly the younger members of the audience were surprised by the creature. They do a good job of balancing out the essentially moral vacancy of both the creator and his creation.

So, if you want to see a good stage production of Frankenstein - and you can get there by Sunday -- go to Book-It Rep. 
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