OldManGrumpus (oldmangrumpus) wrote,

Ok... So Far...

I still don't have a job. I had an interview with a Major Local Foundation-Like Company that was looking for a cataloger. Seems they decided to look otherwhere.

I've started training for volunteer work (note: VOLUNTEER) at Cornish College of the Arts Library this week. Another day of training next week. Easy enough work. A nice place. Only, they aren't going to pay anything.

Still don't care for my glasses.

Today Foolscap begins, and it already looks like a transit nightmare, what with the 520 bridge being closed this weekend (which I only just found out about) means I have to go all the way downtown before taking the bus to Redmond Town Center. I like RTC, but I really wish there was an easier way to get there from the north end on public transit up and around the Lake.

Trying to keep my spirits up. I keep getting into arguments with people who don't seem to appreciate my version of reality.
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